A special “Thank you “to our loyal clients~

Mother's Day Deal!

The deal is on sale from now to May 16,2014. Purchase now and save more for future use!

Original Package Price: (Ten Sessions)

Acupuncture/ Auricular Acupuncture ($500)   deal price : $425

Fire Cupping ($500)   deal price : $425

Chinese Tui Na/ Acupressure ($600)    deal price : $520 

Acupuncture+Fire Cupping ($700)   deal price : $600 

Acupuncture/ Fire Cupping+ Chinese Tui Na/ Acupressure ($760)   holiday deal price : $650 

Acupuncture+ Chinese Tui Na/ Acupressure+ Fire Cupping ($850)  holiday deal price : $700 

 (Discount Packages gives patient the opportunity for regular treatment at a reduced cost and flexible scheduling. Transferable to family members and friends, never expired!)

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