I'm auditioning to look like Michael Phelps! Jk. After weeks and weeks of foot pain and wearing a boot and my orthopedist telling me it will get better with time, I contacted Dr. Chang Gungli at Sandalwood Accupuncture and Chinese medicine (also the father of one of Jason's buddies) and he performed three treatments on me: accupuncture, sliding cup, and cupping. It looks nasty, but you wouldn't believe how much it helped my foot!!! I had gotten to the point where it hurt so much to walk and stand that by the end of the day I dreaded getting up from the table to walk to the dishwasher because I was in so much pain. And I wouldn't go upstairs to say good night to my kids because walking up the wooden stairs was excruciating. After one treatment I feel SO much better. It's not completely pain-free, but it's tolerable. And that is more than worth it. Plus I get to show off these awesome bruises to anyone who will look. Which is no one, because gross! So if you're considering a cupping treatment, I highly recommend it. It took the pressure off the tension on my tore ligament and actually, mostly, felt really good.
~Anne H. 2016via FB
 I can not stress how talented Dr Chang is. More than once he worked on conditions that later two surgeons said "that's nothing short of a miracle".
~Reggie  , Green Hill (2015via FB)

   For the past five years, I've been dealing with muscle imbalance and dysfunction resulting from injury. The imbalance is L dominant / R weak and is through the whole body, but highly noticeable at the hip, shoulder, and neck. Dr. Chang has been working with me for 4 visits now and the results are noticeable; better balance, stronger, and better feeling. I would recommend Dr Chang to anyone based on his results, professionalism, and personality.

~Stevie, Nashville (2015)

     Dr Chang is brilliant. He was a western style doctor in Taiwan and so it's the best of both worlds. Two years ago I had a tummy tuck and it had post op very troublesome complications. Things were not getting better and you could measure the results scientifically and chart them. My surgeon said he had never seen such a lingering drainage problem. The numbers were always around 50 ml of drainage. From the first treatment the numbers started falling. Within two weeks I was normal and tube free.

Last week I came to him after western science again had failed. My foot was so swollen that you could not see the bones on top of my foot. And very painful. The very next day much of the pain and swelling was gone. Today I woke up and walked barefooted to the kitchen and when I got back to my room I realized I was pain free I just took a picture and you can see for yourself that my foot is almost back to normal.

Both these results are empirically validated by the measurements in the former case and the photo evidence in the case of my foot. I don't know if this web site allows for pictures.

This post is to thank Dr Chang and for all those who think Chinese medicine and Accupuncture is just placebo effect. Placebo is important and demonstrates the power of the mind to heal but it's also scientifically valid. See photo

~Reggie  , Green Hill (2014)

      My name is Patricia, one and half months ago I was serious injured in my shoulders and arms. I couldn't even move my fingers due to the pain. I also suffer from not getting enough rest at night and it's caused discomfort to my upper body.

My daughter had suggested to me to visit an acupuncture doctor in town. What a great blessing in seeing Dr. Gung-Li Chang. I started visiting him four weeks ago, he is using the traditional Chinese acupuncture and cupping, I am now 90% recovered!! I am also able to move my fingers and rise my arms, moreover I'm having a good nights rest.
Dr. Chang is very penitent and have always took his time to explains my symptoms with me. Thanks to you Dr. Chang *^
~ Kenneth   , Hendersonville ( 2012)

     Thank you Dr. Chang. After 2 months treatment, I don't have headache anymore. My back on the left hurt when I was a flight attendant. It's also almost been healed. Now I lose some weight and feel more energy to take care of my 3 little kids. Thank you so much.
~Phoebe  , Franklin (2013)

    Dr. Chang treated my sprained ankle and worked miracles! The ankle was very badly sprained, swollen and bruised. I could hardly move it. After Dr. Chang did Tui Na, Acupuncture and cupping, it was not swollen and I could move it much better. The pain was almost completely gone. He advised me to continue to wear an ankle brace. I believe he helped the ankle heal weeks sooner than it would have if he had not helped me.

~Sarah Chery,Franklin, TN(2013)
  I moved from Santa Cruz, California over a year ago and had not visited a acupuncturist since I left. When I was there in Santa Cruz I went about 6 times to a very renowned acupuncture school. You could choose the level of expertise you wanted, from a student assisted by senior student to a teacher with lots of experience. I normally chose a middle of the road acupuncturist. I visited Dr. Chang last Thursday, the 14th of January with pretty severe congestion and stiff neck..... I had the acupuncture and fire cupping treatment and some herbal medicine.....well the next day I woke up and while my congestion was still there, I could breath 50% better and no stiff neck, now I know why you go the best acupuncturist you can find. The most interesting thing for me was how much better I felt all around. I don't really know how to explain it.... I felt like I was ten years younger and had slept for a month..... I felt amazing! I will definitely be back monthly for routine maintenance. Thanks, Dr. Chang.
~Todd  , Nashville, (2016 via FB)

 I broke my ring finger years ago. It's obviously deformed and was always painful. I never mentioned this to Gungli cause my other problems when being treated were more serious. Then about six weeks ago it was aching while being treated. He needled the area and I swear on my life that the pain left after two treatments. This is not placebo or imagination. It's gone.

~Reggie  , Green Hill (2015)

  Dr Chang I want to thank you so much for helping my friends. You are a life saver, I am very grateful. My friend Anthonia was cured of her medical condition and feels super great. So many other friends do too! Thank you Master!


~Rosie Navarro,TN (2015 via FB)

  Good doctor I have Bell's palsy and I only been there 4 times . Now I feel way better and almost 80% recovered. He said 2 more treatments I'll be 100% recover. I recommend anyone having struck or bells palsy to go there .

~Jad Ayesh  , TN (2015 via FB)

   3 months of physical therapy 3x a week, 1 month of chiropractic services 3x a week both didn't with my frozen shoulder, back and neck issues. 3x with Dr. Chang and I feel better. He has both Western medical and Eastern medical knowledge to help you. Very patient, not pushy and his time is your time, undivided. Best doctor I have seen so far in the greater nashville area. Thank you Dr. Chang...I need to see you again after the holidays to de-stress my mind and body!

~SC Berg , Franklin (2014)

   I recently  receive acupuncture from Dr. Chang Gung-Li.  The treatment was for sleep and for energy. The next day I slept till the alarm went off and then I exercised for two hours with great energy I highly recommend Dr. Chang. He was a medical doctor in Taiwan and so he combines both Western and Eastern Medicine. This makes him very very special. 

About three months ago I had a tummy tuck and it resulted in serious complications. I was more or less bed ridden for two months. The things that were supposed to be getting better were not. From the day he started treating me you could see the numbers improve. It took about twice a week for three weeks to get me out of bed and released to full activity. 
He diagnosed me and designed a treatment for a very complicated situaiton that regular medicine had no answers for. Priceless. 
~Reggie  , Green Hill (2012)

~祁先生, Taiwan (2013)

  Not sure how I injure myself. Both side of my ribs was slowly spreading out,it got worse. Couldn't sleep on the bed on my back or side. After seeing Dr. Chang about an hour. The pain is gone, my pain had been miracle cure. I was pain Free when I step out the door. I could start moving freely. And I am going for a run tomorrow. Thank you very very much. Dr. Chang
~Michelle ,Franklin, TN (2013)

  I loved my experience there and have An Appointment Scheduled for next I week!
~client from online (2014)

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